What's NEW in Las Vegas for APRIL 2023! 😲

This is the April 2023 news update for Las Vegas! In this video, we cover all the hotel and casino news, updates, rumors, events, and more!

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39 thoughts on “What's NEW in Las Vegas for APRIL 2023! 😲”

  1. We'll be back in Las Vegas in July…we're staying at The Bellagio again!! I LOVE that Hotel!! It ALWAYS smells great in the Conservatory!! We'll catch a show and will be staying for 6 days:) I can't wait!

  2. Hi Ruby I have watched your content a few times now and have just subscribed to your channel so that I will be kept in the loop as to what is happening in Vegas. We'll be coming to Vegas for a holiday and was wondering if cash is accepted in most places. Looking forward to your next content.

  3. What's the new pet rules for the Strip. When I left Las Vegas nearly 5 years ago I used to walk my ferret on the Strip. And when I left, you could only walk your pet from 4am to noon. Has that changed Anyone know? Ferrets are nocturnal, I can't walk them in the day time hours.Was thinking of driving up from Tucson but I want to bring my ferret along to see the STrip!

  4. Great information videos but me and all of my friends and family has boycotted Las Vegas very since they have fees like resorts fees that was stupid we already paid for the room and parking fees that’s a joke I can remember when Vegas use to BEG us to come out there for free room , you already loss money the moment you decide to go to loss vegas, gas , driving time, wear and tear on you vehicles I’m in California so I go to local casinos is better plus if I loss I do support my state

  5. Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful((dd

  6. As a person who spends a majority of my year here, your monthly reports are excellent, and very thorough. There is so much going on here, it’s hard to keep up with everything. You’re right-We will not talk about the weather-LOL

  7. Im curious how “interior” the new Bellagio,Cosmo,Vdara walkway will be . I noticed this past Saturday that the existing outdoor covered walkway from Bellagio to Vdara is closed and there is a big hole cut out in the back of Cosmo. It’s exact height of the existing pathway and seems to be next to wicked spoon if looking at the Cosmo 2nd floor interior map. This would also give cosmo direct access to the Aria Express. I tried to find more info but was unsuccessful but I’m excited for this cause it’s so much easier walking the pathway to aria than taking the shuttle into crystals.

  8. Train Lol They cant even fix the mess here in California. Oh they will start it then Rob tax payer money. I wish they would just leave it alone. Wanna go just get on an Airplane. Drive a car. What is the big deal. In other countries their Train has a place to put your car so when you get off you can drive. But not these Idiots. Sorry, just how I feel.

  9. I was there last week. The broken escalators were killer for me, elderly with cane. All the elevators I could find were full of human pee. I didn't think much of it until a family got on one with me and moaned and held their noses. Luckily I lost my sense of smell from covid and barely smelled a cigarette twice! My blisters are healing and I saw a lot that you showed; had to go one more time to see the Beatles Love show again and the Mirage volcano. I had a volcano view from 22nd floor and the percussion vibrates the building. Those flames are much higher than they look from the ground. So that was fun. I still love the Venetian but everything else is disapointing now. The 90s was the best decade there. (50s and 60s were cool, too!) I heard on the local news that the volcano is being demolished this summer because another grandstand will be build in its place. Just sad.

  10. Hello! My best friend and I are coming for a week mid-October. We're staying at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club – The Flamingos. Any insight into hotel and happanings? I'm 70, she's a bit younger. We're definitely doing the Emerald Cave kayak trip and The Blue Man Group show!

  11. Hi, Ruby! Thank you for the updates. I'm from Vegas but I work as a truck driver, so I'm only in the city about 1/4 of the time, you you and MTMVegas are both fantastic in keeping up with everything back home!

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