Watch This Before You Play This New Slot Machine In Las Vegas 🥴

Watch This Before You Play This New Slot Machine In Las Vegas 🥴

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45 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Play This New Slot Machine In Las Vegas 🥴”

  1. The machine is a scam, my friend works at the Venetian, and told me even if you grab 3 balls like you did, it will "jerk" hard to shake it off, and open the claw from the naked eye VERY little, it will only truly lock once the machine knows it reached a certain amount of $ to "pay" the player.

  2. You know the grip strength for any claw machine is probability based for machine payout. Further factor in the poor aim of many human users, which reduces the probability of success further. Then add in the casino factor and edge, and you’re even more screwed.

    Probably one of the worst machines you can play in a casino!

  3. I won the 1000 dollar jackpot on the 5 dollar bet on my 2nd try at the Strat in September. Had a big crowd watching, it was pretty exciting

  4. I will never play this game after watching this video! I'm sure it has nothing to do with skill and just has a random number generator pop up with a win when it's time, that's my guess anyway 😆

  5. Tbh I think the claw is malfunctioning. All the other claw games tease you by dropping it last second.

    It works off a RNG chip like any other slot. If you hit the button on a winning sequence it will tighten the grip and not drop the ball. If for whatever reason you suck and missed, it gives you a second chance. After many failed attempts even ag the second chance (you got two) it just pays you. So yeah. Try playing it at a different casino.

  6. I don't see how this game is legal in Vegas with the gaming commission. The tension on the hooks that grabs the item can be set. Unless the tension somehow is randomly generated per spin which I doubt its set that. Either way that machine eats money and a huge profit leader for casinos at the moment for new gamblers.

  7. The machine is broken
    It’s a random win like a slot. That’s why you won without picking up the ball. The claw is broken so it can’t pick up a ball but it was the random win time so you won

    I played at Cosmo and picked up a ball every time. Then it either drops the ball in the pile or the win slot

  8. Merry Christmas! I loved when you said "I still have $50 left" but could have been $50,000! Same outcome. Suggestion… take your bankroll on that machine and give to the homeless. Advance Happy New Year!

  9. Hey when you guys play the Claw machines if the claw doesn't grab all the way and it just let it slip out it's not gonna play with you Sometimes if you have the button on the top and you double tap or you hold the button-down you can make the clock close all the way and then you can pick it up and don't let the button off until you're over the area where you can dump it I know I've won a lot of stuff on there but a lot of times I make it so that just barely grabs and let's go and you gotta know that that's how they make their money so you do it a couple times if it doesn't grab then and you try there are different things on it if it doesn't grab then get off of it and don't play

  10. راح اموت من الفرح 🤗 ادا اجاني اشعار 🛎 متابع جديد♥️🤗 لا الله الى الله وحده لاشريك له له الملك والحمد وهوة على كل شيئ قدير🙇‍♂️

  11. Ugh. Makes me crazy watching people play the claw game! It's not a game of skill. The claw only grips tight when the random number generator tells it to. You will drive yourself nuts trying to get a stupid ball – ONE MORE TIME! And why would you ever chase an $80 ball after you've spent over a hundred? C'mon guys. Please don't dignify one of the most ridiculous games in the known carnival universe.

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