Things Going Away in Vegas, Gamblers Losing Record Money & Las Vegas Kid's Family Destination!?!

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Episode Description

This week the LVCVA released the full 2022 numbers for Las #Vegas and there were some shocking numbers on the report. While visitors are slightly down from 2019, they are spending more than ever on hotels and in casinos. #Strip casinos took in more money from gamblers than ever despite having less customers. And it wasn’t even close!

In other #news we discuss a new report that says Las Vegas is the 4th most family friendly destination in America. How could this be? We also discuss Shawn’s crazy MSC casino experience, Criss Angel doing good for charity, another rumored A’s stadium site and how Resorts World has the best paid parking solution in Vegas.

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Crazy taxi & Uber lines at Las Vegas Airport
1:13 Criss Angel donates $1 million to charity
2:03 MSC casino review – Subpar compared to others
3:20 Our crazy MSC casino experience – Big mistake, high emotions & a surprise happy ending
7:24 10 Things Going Away in Vegas – Buffets, coin slots, manners & more
9:42 Resorts World has the best paid parking solution in Vegas
11:28 Las Vegas is the 4th most kid friendly vacation destination?!?
14:22 Aaron Rodgers going to the Raiders?
14:42 Oakland A’s back in town – Possible new stadium site?
16:33 Vegas 2022 stats are in – Blowing away records
19:00 Gaming revenue for 2022 was insanely high – What is causing it?

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24 thoughts on “Things Going Away in Vegas, Gamblers Losing Record Money & Las Vegas Kid's Family Destination!?!”

  1. That list is terrible New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago! Although there are arcades in some casino's, pinball museum, E Sports arena, Avengers Station, Hunger Games exhibition, some magic shows and there are some thrill rides. Still maybe top 20, not in top 10.

  2. The prices and bad service will continue as long as the public will put up with it. I have not been to Las Vegas in years and have no plans to return anytime soon. I live in Pennsylvania and between my local casinos and what’s in New Jersey and Delaware I can get any gambling experience here without paying high air fares to go there and unless I make it an overnight trip do not need to stay in an overpriced casino hotel. Atlantic City gets many of the same acts Las Vegas gets and the price of the shows are usually lower here than in Vegas. The same to dining experiences. Since there are many off casino restaurant choices in the area if the casinos charge too much I’ll just go there instead to enjoy a good meal.

  3. It amazes me there is no mass transit way to get to/from the Strip and Downtown – something like The Deuce, but it loops to the airport, with stops along the Strip, downtown, and Virgin Hotel. Or extend the monorail to the airport and downtown.

  4. I think we spent $8 for a Sprite at one of the shops in the casino. That seemed a bit excessive but this “surge pricing” you’re talking about, yeah. I appreciate the content! Thank you!!!

  5. I am a member of PPAI, and our annual trade show usually falls the week after CES, but our show is always at Mandalay Bay's convention center. It looked well attended to my eye over the 3 days, and asking most of the exhibitors confirmed that. This year's show as its busiest in 3 years, according to every exhibitor I asked. Regarding comps. I can say truthfully that I get them regularly from Venetian/Palazzo (free stays including weekends); MLife (free stays including weekends – which I used for the show); Treasure Island (offered a free stay Super Bowl Weekend – which was stunning to me); and Wynn – offering the traditional comp stays during the week with casino rates on the weekends. All threw in varying amounts of free play and food/beverage credits.

    If the casinos are amassing record dollars from gamblers, I'm going to cynically guess that a mere tightening of the slot machines is largely the reason. Hard to fathom how much Vegas lost in terms of money, since I can't imagine what the total dollar loss was when they shut down all casinos for 4 months. That alone had to cost plenty when you think all of them run 24/7 unabated. Combined with the extremely slow recovery from that shut down. I was there just after the reopening, at Bellagio, August 2020. Crickets. At that time The Mirage was still a month or two from reopening. That period from March 2020 to mid 2022 had to have decimated every casino in Vegas. We probably won't be seeing looser slots for another year or so.

  6. Vegas in the 90's was better than Disneyland for our family. we went with friends and family and all of us kids we'd hang out at the arcades, our favorites were at the excalibur, treasure island, mgm, and circus. And of course we'd always stop at Buffalo Bills for their rides and arcade. Now after covid everything has changed and not for the better. just the fact they are charging for parking is so petty in my opinion. And WTF is the resort fee for? it used to be $1.00 when they first charged now depending on where you're staying its $40 or over. and them taking the buffets away is like taking a big chunk of vegas out of vegas. and now you said something about charging more for a table with a view…Really WHAT THE FAJITAS is that???wow I'll bet soon there will be an A/C charge for everyone entering the casinos in the summer time 🙂 thanks for the show really good information. I love Vegas its my happy place, hope it continues to stay that way!

  7. Hi Shawn and Mark! You two are so much fun! I think that what is happening in Vegas with the massive revenue intake is that the young folks like my youngest who is 22, simply does not know what she has missed, i.e., cheaper rooms, cheap eats, hospitality, customer service, and even the respect that the casinos had for it's guests and customers because it was run by the Mob and they didn't Play!! So, in that sense, you are happy to drive or fly to Vegas, pay a Ton of money for EVERYTHING, and not know any better because you can't miss something you never had in the first place. Hope that makes sense? As for someone like myself who lives in Denver goes to Vegas often, and went to Vegas annually as a child on our family vacation drive to Los Angeles to Disneyland, and stopped overnight each way in Vegas, I know from personal experience how Vegas use to be. So, I think that unfortunately, the resort property owners are simply taking advantage of a good thing. CAB😜

  8. My husband was a 7 star but Caesar’s entertainment sucks. We moved to Indiana from California and now go to French Lick Casino in Indiana. We love it there and the comps there are outstanding.

  9. Kids in LV? What’s that old saying….. oh yeah, there gotta be a law…. Against that!! Ball park on the strip…. Heaven help us. NO please. Thanks as always guys.

  10. Vegas is a great place for kids when you think about having a different thing to do every day of the week. Aside from Orlando, most tourist destinations have ONE theme park and maybe one or two other attractions. Just the sightseeing alone in Vegas can take up a few days of your vacation, forget the attractions and shows… don't forget pro sports! I had a friend bring their kids here just to see the Golden Knights. They left with a long list of things they ran out of time to do.

  11. Thanks you guy's for that excellent footage,,,,, were still in a faze here were denial,is not even and option,,,how can we fix it almost like hunger games,,now,most tourist would rather buy there food at Walgreens,,I know sad to say but at least there open,after 11p,m, my only conclusion,,,is in. 20,24, turmoil,,in our food prices ,, gas's ,etc,, ,, eureka,,it just came to me ,,if they can pull it off it be the equivalent of that classic movie ,,,the sting,,,you know the one we're Newman,,and Red Ford,,but it down for their biggest lick,in a long time,

  12. Pricing will never come back down to what it was. They see the younger demographic they are pulling in now. The generation that remembers Las Vegas being an affordable vacation is not the generation that is coming to Vegas now. The people coming now do not have the memory of "days gone by". They do not remember the room prices, the incredible service, and how well people were treated, or back when they cleaned your room every day and it wasn't "call housekeeping when you would like your room cleaned". All the service is gone. Scanning QR codes at restaurants just to see the menu is the way they are going now (I find that so cold and annoying). There was a time when the customer service was right up there, even knowing people's names. Now the service for anything is hardly there, OR you are charged for service if heaven forbid you need anything. Two things going away not mentioned is (1)having actual humans available for check in. Checking in by kiosk has to be the most annoying change ever! I want to know that what I booked is what I am getting. I want a human welcoming me to the property and giving me an actual key. (2) CHARGING a fee to use the pool even if you are a guest of the hotel! That is the lowest of low. After paying for the high priced rooms, with added fees no less, they literally are charging to use the pool? Greed is running Vegas now. As long as people keep coming and keep paying these ridiculous prices there is no end in sight for ways to be nickle and dimed. This circles right back around to the demographic visiting not having the memory of Vegas as it used to be. They may not like the prices, but if they don't remember how it was, there are not enough to push back and make Vegas stop the shenanigans. I don't know how Vegas got the family friendly rating. There are small things here and there kids might like, but most times you just see parents walking with whining kids 10 feet behind them at a time of night when they should be in bed. I feel bad for kids in Vegas.

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