The WORST Version of Top Dollar? 🤔 Plus Double Diamond Deluxe 💎 Quick Hits Reel Boost 🎰 Slot Play!

Today, we play $10 Double Diamond Deluxe at SouthPoint Casino in Las Vegas, as well as Quick Hits Reel Boost & The Worst Version of Top Dollar you can possibly find at Aria in Las Vegas.

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30 thoughts on “The WORST Version of Top Dollar? 🤔 Plus Double Diamond Deluxe 💎 Quick Hits Reel Boost 🎰 Slot Play!”

  1. With the multi-game Quick Hits, one advantage of getting three quick hits, is that you get your entire bet back – not just one game's bet (quarter of the overall bet).

  2. What a nice surprise — your newest video with slot play ☺. Thank you so much for showing us how these machines play nice or not so nice. Enjoying watching you two cowboys!! Good Luck 😘🍀🍀🍀🌹

  3. Cowboy Slots is AWESOME!!! I tried the 25 cent machine, 5 lines at $1.25 per spin and more than doubled my money 3 times. Only problem is my parents keep ending up with all my money. Lol……I need to stop bringing them along. Seriously

  4. I played the quick hit reel boost and found it to pay consistently. I didn’t win huge amounts but it kept me playing a long time and I usually walked away a few hundred ahead. I felt it was way less volatile than a lot of other machines

  5. Yes, Sir! Quick Hit can be rough. I have had two good hand pays on another version ona $2.00 bet.The free game symbols will do the same thing for several spins I have counted them before. I have learned to just set aside $100 for that game and then that is it. Otherwise I will sit there and spend more than I should!Good thing is that people are always playing so normally I can't get on it to play. It is really the only class 3 penny game that I will play. I mostly play the class 2 bingo games VGT and Aristrorat that bought VGT(You know that) the Neptune's Gold. That can give good run ups or hand pays and it can take your money. So that might be a class 2 bingo game you could explain.Thanks for the video and the good laugh at the beginning!

  6. Recently found your channel, my wife and I really never played slots that much, mainly due to I always thinking it is just a waste, but after watching your tips videos on the best slots to play, what to look for, etc, have to give you credit!!! We decided to make it a slot machine trip at our local casino and see what we could do. She played Top Dollar, I found a Triple Stars machine, and started with $100 each and walked out with over $1000 in profit. We were both at a loss for words……kind of that face you made to the camera when you hit the Pinball bonus twice in a row 🙂 Thank you for the info, and really enjoy your content.

  7. Funny I was just looking for Top Dollar videos this morning and saw and unreliable youtuber say this version was the best one to play. Soon as I saw it closed the video lol

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