The Bonus From the Gods! I Still Haven't Recovered From This JACKPOT on Dancing Drums Prosperity

The Bonus From the Gods! I Almost Fainted! Jackpot Dancing Drums Prosperity Slot Machine! Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Come along with me as I hit the ultimate jackpot on the Dancing Drums Prosperity slot machine. My heart raced with excitement as the drums began to line up. I can feel the energy in the air as I watch the symbols align, and then…BAM! I hit the jackpot and my world turns upside down! It’s a moment that I will never forget and you don’t want to miss out on the rush of emotions I felt as we hit our first jackpot of 2023 on our all time most popular slot – Dancing Drums Prosperity. Let me know what you think. I respond to all the comments personally!

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36 thoughts on “The Bonus From the Gods! I Still Haven't Recovered From This JACKPOT on Dancing Drums Prosperity”

  1. Awesome win!!!! I always enjoy your videos. Can you do a challenge for us low betting peeps? Or play $20 on a slot say 8 slots? There's a slot called Prosperity Pays. I won the MAJOR right before Christmas and received $1191. What a moment 👏
    Anyway, have a great evening to you and Mrs. CAS! Julie from Washington state.

  2. My story it's literally unbelievable lol 😂… 🙆
    – I got off work normally my friend and I go together all the time … LIKE ALLLLL the time to the casino …. Lol so this time I just went on my own Because I was only going to play my free play which that was $175 at table mountain casino well when I got there I put my money in and I always add $100 to a machine I don't know why even if I got free play so I did and I accidentally hit the highest bet which was $25 bet I did not mean to do THAT and I went straight into the bonus very first spin That machine paid me about $450 to $500 so I was like okay I got a little excited and went over to another machine it's called the African diamond or something like that and I hit $700 on that machine so I'm like wowed !!! 😲 there was a machine that was behind African diamond that I really love call Dragon luck I went over there press the spin three times and end up hitting $1,000 little under $1,200 My heart was beating like what the heck is going on here?? from there I was in a circle of slots and on the other side was one of my very favorite machines called Black diamond edge I love that machine I got on the machine start spinning probably around the 4th or 5th spin I hit a $2,500 jackpot almost peed my pants 🩳👖 😆 I couldn't believe it I had to call my brother cuz I was up there by myself I took no purse I had nothing to put my money in at all because I wasn't staying I was only going to play my free play I called him I said you have to come up here now my brother and I are slot players When I say he got there fast he got there fast I think within 15 to 20 minutes he was there as he was walking in I hit another $1,900 jackpot on the same machine Black diamond it was unreal fast ⏩ forwarding after he got there I hit 2 more jackpots on the same machine I mean it was on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! … After I got paid we went into the HIGH limit room and played double strike first spin I hit 1600 My brother and I bent down simultaneously like you have to be kidding me When the attendants came in I put my hand up like you're under arrest and said I'm not doing nothing I swear lol they cracked up 😂😂😂😂😂 I honestly thought I was being punked after I tip them really well and got my pay out which I'm already up like $8,000 My brother said let's play the Buffalo it's the one with the spin $15 machine So I commenced to playing and all of a sudden I hit the spin for some odd reason my brother says Ree Ree .. turn around don't even look So I cracked up everybody was around me I turned around hearing the wheel spin and I'm looking at my brother all of a sudden his eyes got really big He started jumping He said Ree ree You hit the major it was 3700 When I got paid I start tossing 20s in the air for people to grab because I believe in blessing people when I'm blessed it was phenomenal I know this is a long story but I had to tell it because you said you might feature certain things and I'm getting ready to start my channel Ree Ree's Reel pretty soon getting things together I wish I could show you the pictures it was absolutely insane Sorry for the long story but that is my story it was a fascinating night keep slottin!!… 🎰

  3. Congrats on your first hand pay of 2023! I won about 500 on dancing drums last night but then buffalo took it back!😊 as always love the channel love dancing drums! Sending positive vibes to you and the misses from Biloxi

  4. You probably know I love DD. Very nice jackpot!! I know you were very excited in the process. My highest jackpot since I started playing DD in late Sept 22 was close to $3000 on a $10 bet and picking 10 spins. It retriggered to 23 spins. I wonder if you are playing the same machine? Pick the GRAND !!!!

  5. My best experience on slots….. I went from bottom tier to top elite with host in 1 night. Every machine I played ( dragon link, dollar storm, and lightning link) I hit a handpay. I won over 58k in total but took home 19k… only started with 280 in my pockets…

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