The 10 BEST Restaurants in Las Vegas for 2023! 🍝🍹

In this video, we take a look at the 10 best restaurants in Las Vegas for 2023. These are my favorite restaurants in Vegas I have tried over the past year.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:24 Picasso at Bellagio
00:02:28 Esther’s Kitchen
00:04:33 The Pepper Club
00:05:29 Lotus of Siam
00:07:22 Best Friend at Park MGM
00:08:05 Vanderpump at Paris
00:09:07 Mable’s at Palms
00:10:04 Vetri Cucina at Palms
00:10:54 Peppermill
00:12:03 Crossroads Kitchen at Resorts World
00:12:42 Outro

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31 thoughts on “The 10 BEST Restaurants in Las Vegas for 2023! 🍝🍹”

  1. been watching your shows for awhile , but you say everything you eat is nice, some off the food your putting on your plate looks like crap,, All the cocktails are amazing, have you got any clue about food and drinks ???? or have you just have sold out to getting free stuff from these restaurants and casino's, i wont be watching your shows anymore, youve obviously sold out, i wont be watching your shows anymore, from Aussie John.

  2. If you want a formal, Continental experience, the best restaurant in Las Vegas is Joel Robuchon. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is also good, but the more formal Joel Robuchon is the best.

    But you have to want the formal, continental experience.

  3. Wonderful reviews. We go to Vegas about 3 times a year and ALWAYS go to the Peppermill for one of our breakfast!s! Eager to try some of your recommendations. (Have done Picasso and Best Friend)…Love your videos!

  4. If you don’t mind waiting over a Hour for your Main course At Picasso then Fine go . I was there in October and it was quiet but arrived got a Drink after 20 mins when it arrived was seated, Then ordered Starter, Took 32 mins for starter to arrive, Then fillet Main , 67 mins later started eating it , Unbelievable No Apologies for the wait, Puddings came after 45 mins , I asked the Manager why so long between courses and they said we were only there an Hour 😂… We arrived at 7.30 pm left at 10.15 yet they still insisted we were there only a Hour ……. 2/10 it’s Rubbish

  5. Loved your choices, but was disappointed you didn't include the German restaurant HOFBRAUHAUS. Every single dish I've ordered there has been incredible! And they change out their specials constantly.

  6. I ate at Hells Kitchen, Mon Ami Gabi, Mayfair Supper Club (liked the best), and Baccanhal all which were extremely average. Food scene in Vegas was extremely underwhelming, even the fast food wasn’t as good (chipotle and in and out). I don’t understand how Vegas strip is considered a food destination. Best meal was at Giordanos (a Chicago staple) and Raising Cains.

  7. Stay away from the Italian restaurants. Like usual, small portions on big white plates, and very expensive. Keep your money, and go somewhere else. Capeesh!

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