SEMI FINAL ▸ F. Sanchez Ruiz vs F. Gorst ▸ Predator WPA Men's World 10-Ball Championship 2023

🌎Predator WPA Men’s World 10-Ball Championship 2023
February 28 – March 4, 2023
Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

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▸ All tables live on Kozoom

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▸ The Predator WPA Men’s World 10-Ball Championship 2023 is an annual event organised by CueSports International and Predator Group. The event is sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and takes place during the CueSports International Expo in Las Vegas.

▸ 128 players will compete for a total prize fund of $250,000 with $60,000 to be awarded to the winning player.

▸ The Predator Pro Billiard Series is a series of open, professional events held around the world to provide more opportunities for professional and aspiring pool players to compete in high-quality events, earn more income, sharpen their skills, and earn their way into the Predator World 10-Ball Championship held in Las Vegas each year as part of the CueSports International Expo.

▸ This event is played on Predator Apex pro pool tables covered with Predator Arcadia Performance Cloth, with Predator Arcos II balls, and under the Predator Arena billiard lights.

▸ Our sponsors and partners are Predator Group, CueSports International, Medalla Light, Rums of Puerto Rico, Alfa Coin, Seyberts and Fargo Rate

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25 thoughts on “SEMI FINAL ▸ F. Sanchez Ruiz vs F. Gorst ▸ Predator WPA Men's World 10-Ball Championship 2023”

  1. I'm tired of these commentary people saying that these pockets 4,1/4 😂 I can tell you right now I play on diamonds all the time and some of them are new which means they play a loosely but none of them would have accepted that three ball WTF 😂😂 great shooting though good come back

  2. Wanna know why I got a job all those years ago?.. Smacking the 2 dead in its face, almost making it, only to have the cue ball push through and roll right in the pocket (dream over) is as good an answer as there is..

  3. Какое невезение(( Почти никогда дело не в нем, что бы ни думали сами проигравшие.
    Но здесь именно оно!

  4. This match was brilliant. The fact that it was a race to 10, no shootout, is what 10-ball and 9-ball must be. The fact that it wasn't two sets to four was a plus too. Let the players play! My only issue is that the shot clock makes pool too much of a speed test. Again, let the players play! Instead of a 30 second shot clock, extend the shot clock to 45 seconds.

  5. Wow what a match! Definitely a great showing from both players 👏. I'm a huge fan of Fedor and its sad to see him foul out 🤯 he's an amazing player can't wait to see where he goes in this game. He even got Joe Rogan commentating his match. FSR is a humble player and a great guy as well.

  6. 1:42:35 Just curious shouldn't that be a foul ball in hand I've watched it like 4 times cue ball makes contact with rail then hits the 2 and never hit another rail. Or does my glasses need updated lmao. Like I play pool and in a league but just seems like that should have been called a foul.

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