Raiders Headquarters Tour, Casino Land Sales, Brightline Train Progress & Vegas Is Very Stressful!

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Episode Description

Las Vegas is known as Sin City and a great place to vacation, but it is a great place to live? One company just crunched the numbers and found Nevada is the most stressful state to live in when it comes to work, money and health. Does this make sense?

In other #news we’ll take you inside of the Raiders Headquarters and practice facility. From their Lombardi trophies to the state of the art setup, it is quite impressive. We also discuss progress with the Brightline high speed train, how not all casinos want to sell their land and our least favorite Vegas casinos. Would we stay in them for free?

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Crazy Vegas wind & snow
1:11 Nevada is the most stressful state to live in
2:32 Why Las Vegas is not the easiest place to live
3:35 Miracle Mile Shops are bringing back their popular free show
4:27 Why Miracle Mile’s renovations make a big difference
5:48 Brightline high speed train continues to move along with another key landmark
7:21 Are naysayers right in saying the Brightline high speed rail project will never happen?
8:20 Staying at your least favorite Vegas hotel for free
11:24 Some casino operators don’t want to participate in land sale/leaseback deals
13:05 Does separate owner/operator mean less money is invested in improvements?
14:16 Touring the Raiders headquarters and practice facility
16:14 Experiencing the Raiders indoor practice field – What is it like?

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48 thoughts on “Raiders Headquarters Tour, Casino Land Sales, Brightline Train Progress & Vegas Is Very Stressful!”

  1. I think that the rain show at planet Hollywood was working for a while in 2021 because I stayed and few times in like December and it was working but underwhelming…I don’t dislike any hotel on the strip. I’m the kind of person who can get excited to stay at Luxor or Tropicana even and do things there while also appreciating the higher end properties like Bellagio Wynn Venetian….. I dislike ballys/horseshoe because they didn’t utilize the balconies during the remodel, the pool is awful, and it just feels like a filler hotel in Caesar’s portfolio to have a higher room count. I feel horseshoe was a cheap remodel of an already boring property. I wouldn’t stay there for free because I’d rather pay and stay next door

  2. Forget free, you could not pay me to stay in Excalibur. Place is nothing but a destination for low class pot smoking idiots. Just walk down the halls to your room and smell the weed seeping out into the halls. The casino is ok, but don’t stay there.

  3. Guys – Excellent points raised about the Land Sales/Leases that are all the rage nowadays. I live in a state with very little land, and lease issues (e.g. astronomical lease increases) are a major cause for forcing successful businesses to close or relocate. It makes no sense to give up real estate unless you have no choice, because it comes back to haunt (or foreclose) you eventually. Good analysis!

  4. Nice, guys. Re: the lease back deals. Gotta think the operator MGM for example has say in facility improvements needed. If not in the agreement, the operators are fools. Re; A. Rogers to the raiders, please from wis, take him!!

  5. Thanks for another great show. I hope Brightline gets their train running to Las Vegas. I did ride Amtrak years ago from LA and it was nice much better than flying or driving. The train does not have to be true high speed to be successful since the airlines are now providing such poor customer service at high prices and the traffic on the highways are so bad. Brightline has a great reputation in Florida for good service and I am sure they will be as good out west. As for the casinos not owning their land anymore I do feel it is a negative thing for the operating company. I own stock in both one of the REIT companies as well as several casino operating companies. Maintenance of the buildings is the responsibility of the casino operating companies not the REIT. So poor maintenance is on them and may be because the operating companies usually sold the land to free up capital to either expand or do other things with the money. If the management of the operating companies choose to expand too fast or pay their executives too much that is why the casinos have such poor customer service and customers have to pay such high prices compared to years past.

  6. What I liked about the Miracle Mile shops was that they were dark and intimate, as if you were walking into a show venue. It was a great change of atmosphere from the hustle and bustle that was going on outside. Now it sounds like it’s going to look like ‘any mall USA’

  7. I enjoy your reviews and comments. I agree with both of you about the Bellagio, they really need to step it up in the service aspect. I'll go in there and play on occasion while in town but I won't stay there because the service is so bad. Thanks so much for all of your insight.

  8. That’s funny, Harrah’s is my go to. Smaller casino with every game I want to play. Bobby Flay burgers and Starbucks. Lower limits for the strip. Good center location. I’m all set!

  9. Hate is a pretty strong word but I'd have to apply it to a place that's no longer around The frontier. After that would be the Golden Gate downtown. Excalibur would be okay because you could sneak off to Luxor and Mandalay and not step outside.

  10. I had totally forgotten about that rain show saw that on my first trip to Vegas will definitely be good to see it again I always go to miracle Mile when I’m staying on the strip love those breakfast specials at ocean 1!

  11. Park MGM is one of the better mid-tier hotels on the strip. I'd rather stay there than any Caesars property. I'm guessing the person who posted that is a smoker who hates that Park MGM is a non-smoking property (which is one of the reasons why I love it).

  12. Hopefully Brightline can get it done. The one is South Florida is amazing! But they need to find a way to get a station in downtown LA and it would be the busiest passenger train in the US

  13. Not owning the land will eventually be a problem. I would rather own my property and fix it up when I want to. It's cool to see the upgrades at PH are about done. The rain show is pretty cool. Now for me the property I hate is Flamingo but Excalibur is pretty close.

  14. we come to las vegas from the uk at least once a year. its a very long day to get there and it takes a day to get over it. we have been in quite a few different hotels but in the end we only use the room for sleeping. we use excalibur, yes the rooms are dated, but they are clean and decent staff and the rates are cheap. i can't really dislike any hotels we have stayed in.

  15. I thought better call Saul,, was on his way to town his group for over charged hotel rates, set up by a computer used to monitor hotel's,,, ten thousand a night coming super bowl,,

  16. I’m laughing because if you had a free flight and free room but you had to stay in the least favorite place. People are saying Bellagio and Park MGM.. I think people forgot that the stratosphere and circus circus exist still. These are by far the worst. These are straight ass. Lol

  17. The Big Football News in Vegas
    The Vegas Snakes are playing in the XFL…at Cashman Field.
    Even MTM could afford season tickets for the Vegas Snakes games.
    Forget the Oakland Raft's all about the Snakes, baby.

  18. I see lots of circus circus hate , but … Casino Royale is the one for me . Just imagine an all expense paid vacation to that stinky small casino hotel , hot dogs subway and pizza hut , working ladies, and weirdos . No can do.

  19. The Raiders should be the top franchise with all they have going for them. Sadly the organization sucks! First thing they need is a top notch gm and big name coach. They have been bad a long time now. They were my fav team was I was a kid in late 70s -early 80s. They definitely don't need the diva Rodgers

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