ohnepixel reacts to the dark side of CS:GO skins (steam's back-door casinos)

csgo skins enthusiast ohnepixel reacts to the dark side of csgo skins

How Valve is Profiting from Steam’s Back-Door Casinos:

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  1. I remember back when i was in school, i think in 9-10th grade, when we were in the computer room, i used to play csgo roulett. I never put something in, just the 0,50€ for free and i won twice like 5€. Cashed out 2 skins, still have them, both ~50€ each now and never touched something like this again

  2. Sparkles is doing viewer giveaways just to Justify to himself that hes not inviting people to Gamble in his sponsorship with a Gambling/Case Opening websites.
    Its like what Logan Paul is doing, giving a percentage of the money back that he stole with his cryptozoo.

  3. I gambled on those sites, since I was 12, but I've never deposited real money on there, I always used free boxes and bonus codes etc. and tried to take as much out of the site as possible without depositing real money, for example, I was copying KeyDrop "Golden codes" on Twitter and activating them on three accounts everyday right after they tweeted for like a year. I downloaded three browsers on my phone and logged in a different Steam account in each one, managed to get around 30€ worth of skins this way over this period. It took a me a long time, but hey, it was free skins. Ofc I had to deposit to the site to withdraw the skins, the minimum was 2€, so I just deposited my skins that I got from in game drops and withdrew all the stuff.

  4. ohnepixel. My friends who plays alot cs but refuse to spend a dollar. They have both has gotten insane ingame drops like from 15€ ti 100€ while we other just get the sand dunes ^^ I'm talking counter terrance, ak jet set .master piece. mp7 fade aso

  5. JasonR introduced me to csgo gambling back in the day, I was a big fan of his. good thing he got what was coming to him. His channel can rest in piss.

  6. clash and rustclash sites are full of underages, you can join the discord vc and they are always gambling there. The owner doesn't gives a fuck bcs most of the site revenue is from kids… Anomaly knows it and still accepted sponsorship, what a fucker.

  7. In 2016 i found some random russian website where the gambler with higher odds always won, i had a 50€ knife and i started betting it when i saw id be the one with the biggest odds, and it worked out really well, i won like 4-5 bets in a row, i was literally making money for free every 5 minutes. Then, after a bet i won, the website didnt send me the offer with the items. I tried to mail them and realised that the website had 0 security or obligations, and you couldnt do anything against that because it was not related to steam/valve. Luckily or not i made more money than the one i lost, but never betted again anywhere.

  8. in 2014 i started gambling with 17 on my most loved gambling site csgo-case and opened many cases ingame of csgo, i was very lucky and build up a inventory of about 7000 Euros . Then i sold all for my first car. When i look back now maybe it was the biggest mistake of my life. I had tons of ESL 2014 Stickers like iBuyPower, Titan Holos and so on.

    I could cry when i see the prices now

  9. Wow! I was 12 years old whenever they shut down csgo wild and such. I was gambling when on these websites with no supervision and 11 and 12 years old, and was so addicted!

  10. i tried it out with a new account, was using my old account it was 7 years old, i opened 3 cases, and got a red ak night wish un well worn, atleast 20$, but i think its true with new accounts, i unboxed like 100 cases on my main account, no reds or light purple skins, like wtf


  12. It's insane that this is still legal. Fortunately I was in my mid 20s when these sites came out so I was a little more aware of the dangers of gambling but it's horrifying to think of children losing tens of thousands of dollars on gambling

  13. I was 10 and was traiding lost about 450 bucks to gambling got a sponsorship from the same casino who sponosrd me with 1k bucks never poster a vid just withdrew the skins and ran Ez profit

  14. I gambled about $100 dollars in Rust and lost $250 dollars in Cs Go. And it was money that was given, for example, for food. A few times I won, but I always returned to such sites and lost everything. For example, I once won "AWP red line" the chance for this was like winning the "lotto". Still. I remember how in 2021 I once gave a guest on the community server old crates because for me it was nothing because I didn't know their value it was somewhere around 10 cups because I didn't spend anything on I lost about $10 dollars in my steam account anyway. Thanks for reading mine, if you want to help me get back some skins you can go to my comment there will be a link to my steam profile.

  15. bro there are 13/14 year olds with 4K elo, playing gambling sites, BEING SPONSORED BY THEM. Like they are not legally allowed to, but play it, SPONSORED

  16. My introduction to csgo was watching faze rain opening cases and gambling on his site. I didn’t have a pc so I never got the chance to play or gamble so you could say I was lucky. You couldn’t trickshot like in cod on csgo so I never even cared about the game itself. But was intrigued and enjoyed watching him play and gamble.

  17. CSGO roll instantly banned me when I said I was gonna sell my skins I just won and get a better one, the funny thing is I had 3k balance. Such a scam

  18. Wldnt enabling trading essentially make opening lootcases free, cuz i cld just sell the case and save enough for a key. By this concept i stand to lose nothing but have everyt to gain that is of course, if u do not consider opportunity costs

  19. from betting terminals to csgo cases , csgo lounge , betting all in on csgoshuffle , went up to a top 300 inventory worth over 15k back in the days to loose it all to some 0.4% guy 🙁 , built back the inventory to loose FN dragon lore and expensives knives on a coinflip on csgoripple , lost it all . built back the inventory to 5k to get a fkn VAC Ban :/

  20. I understand you have to censor the swears to keep monetization but cutting out the audio when ohne swears and considering the amount of times he swears it really pulls me out of the video. could there better way to do this?

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