My SUBPAR Experience at HARRAH'S Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Staying at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in 2023

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Jaycation visits Harrah’s Las Vegas and tours around the hotel grounds, checks out the newest restaurants and gives a detailed hotel room tour!

Is Harrah’s worth staying at? Comment Below!

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49 thoughts on “My SUBPAR Experience at HARRAH'S Las Vegas Hotel & Casino”

  1. I never have had elevator issues. I used to avoid harrahs due to the smell lol but harrahs has grown on me. I think it’s a good choice for a north end budget property

  2. Great content.🥰 I won’t stay at a Harrah’s hotel then. Seems like the only good thing for me is that there’s a Starbucks on their property. Ty for sharing. Enjoyed it.

  3. Seems like a cool property for everything except a hotel stay! I love having Gold Rewards at MGM for the free parking (Pearl or higher) and the waived resorts fees at any MGM Property! Take any of the paper cups you don't use, to use at properties that don't have them. I drive to Vegas and keep extra things like that, I might need in my car and anything I buy or I'm done with, goes in the car.
    That elevator situation seems terrible, to be that slow!

  4. Thanks for the review! I don't want to waist my vacation time with those kinds of problems. Thanks to Norma for showing your channel to me. I like your honesty. I've watched other channel and stayed where they recommended and had bad experiences. The plaza! So it's hard to trust certain channels.

  5. Yeah I agree i would not stay at Harrah's. The whole Caesars check in policy is dumb. Everyone else let's you check in at 3. Tropicana let me check in before 2 because the room was ready. So with waiting that extra hour lines form.

  6. Yes, Diamond card makes a difference. I get Diamond at Harrah’s So Cal. The trick is going on 5 times tier days. You make Diamond quick. Then I never pay resort fees in Vegas. There is a 5x Feb 23-25 if interested in So Cal. Im already booked to go.

  7. Harrah's LV used to be my place! But, that was when they had Toby Keith's. I used to party it up at TK's and/or the Carnival Bar outside, then all I had to do was stumble over to the elevator & go up to my room. When Harrah's lost Toby Keith's, and when the Linq Promenade went in, I gravitated over to the Linq Hotel Casino or Flamingo's because they are closer to my hangout areas. I do wander back in to Harrah's because I like singing karaoke in the Dueling Piano Bar!

  8. When I read the title of this Vlog I was like, Nooooo! I'm staying there next month when I go see Taylor Swift. But then I remembered how much fun I had there last February. I had the best time at that X Country Burlesque Show then at The Piano Bar then stumbling over to Pizza Cake for a Pepperoni Slice and a Vanilla Cake in the early am. It's gonna be alright!.

  9. Anyone aware do hotels treat businesses travelers different than the vacation travelers? I have zero choice where staying because asdociated with a conference Curious if experience totally different. 🤔

  10. What I appreciate so much Jay is your honest, upfront reviews for those of us who aren’t in Vegas or other cities as often as some other travelers.
    You do the work many of us need to not only find value, but also the best!
    Thank you!

  11. I was a hotel manager for years. There is literally no reason to refuse a guest *who's standing in front of you* a room if that room is ready even if it's before check-in. The only reason to refuse is to try to squeeze that early check-in fee out of you. That certainly shows the type of attitude that Caesars is okay with displaying to its guests. MGM is by no means perfect but at least they know enough to not be so blatant about their greed lol

  12. I'm sorry you had a subpar experience. The price was reasonable. About a year ago my brother, my cousin and his wife stayed there for 4 nights. They had no major complaints and basically used the rooms for sleeping.

  13. If you want to get Diamond status for a few hundred bucks then let me know and I can send you a referral. It will save you on resort fees and also get you the $100.00 Diamond dining credit.

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