Mariano is Slowplaying Pocket Kings Preflop @HustlerCasinoLive

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27 thoughts on “Mariano is Slowplaying Pocket Kings Preflop @HustlerCasinoLive”

  1. I wonder what Mariano put his opponent on, when he re-raised so large on the river. It's clear Mariano thought Francisco had some value but hard to see what would bet river and call a large re-raise.
    AK is a hard read to make when the river is the case King. AQ/QQ/AA wouldn't have checked the turn. No way that an AX of spades would call the re-raise. JJ/TT might be the only 3-bet hands that would call a bluffy re-raise but only if they didn't believe that Mariano couldn't have a Q or K.

  2. That's a really good fold. The commentator ran through it. But rivering top top on a really dry board after every draw brick and finding fold against polarizing bet is really good. There's so many Ax of spades, specifically wheel spades that are checking turn to try to river equity. And those are probably the majority of hands betting river. KQ with K spade might bet river after checking turn but it's unlikely it would check turn

  3. Mariano was playing the hand beautifully until that absurd river raise sizing. If he makes it 14k-18k Francisco very likely calls. Mariano got min value for this runout. 👏🏽

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