I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

Today we are staying in the newly renovated standard king room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas! Come along as we explore the casino, try some dining options, and more!

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44 thoughts on “I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!”

  1. Thank you so much!!!… for showing the poker machines at the bar at the Fremont… I will be visiting Vegas later this year and all of the Youtubers I follow having to do with Vegas none of them show video poker that's the only gambling I do❤

  2. Off-topic question ❓🤔 My apologies if maybe it's been answered. Does anyone know if the bandstand being built in front of the Bellagio is permanent? I've heard conflicting answers. When do they begin construction?

  3. Travel Ruby! The wife and I absolutely love your videos and content. You do such a great job on your videos. Thank you for the content and inspiration! BTW you should do a meet and great with yourself and Mr. Ruby, we would definitely attend! Take care!

  4. Going for the first time ever to Vegas in April
    Company is sending me to Bellagio.
    My question is if their are any Vegan options? Can you please provide a video on that?
    Also we love your videos
    Can you give us a shout out to my husband and I from OKC
    Tamara & Harry Nazario!!!

  5. Hearing you say the old downtown hotels don't have pools makes me think of how exciting it must have been when the Strip built it's first hotel with the big pool out in the back yard. WOW. Then very soon after the second resort was built with an even bigger fancier pool. The hotels on Fremont must have seen a severe drop in customers at that time. It's so cool to think of the incredible excitement people must have felt with being able to swim in beautiful pools for the first time in their lives probably, in beautiful surroundings, because I get that same excitement and wow feeling when I go into the Mirage pool!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG I can't deal with that bathroom sink. I can see having to have bare feet, and placing a towel on top of my feet to catch all that water that's going to splash down when I wash my face.

  7. Hi Ruby, enjoyed the video. Hubby does a great job editing on all aspects. Question, how was the check-in process? We are thinking of booking there for August with two nights comped even though we have five nights comped at Flamingo. Their check-in process is insane. We have stayed there a dozen times but not since 2019 and since then the check-in process has become deplorable. We've decided our time in Vegas is valuable and don't want to waste time standing in line. We stayed at Plaza last year (loved it) and my first trip to Vegas in 1990 was at the Golden Nugget and again in 1991 so we love downtown…seeing all kinds of kinds. Keep up your great channel Ruby.

  8. Awesome video. More downtown & bargain news is wonderful. You didn’t get the cheap 2$ margarita at the sports book? It’s my first stop. Your YouTube watch numbers are kicking ass. Good for you. I miss old cheap Vegas from the 90’s. 🥲

  9. Real estate & space in downtown is limited. I’m impressed with the renovations. Follow the Hawaiians to the craps tables at Boyd’s properties. They can roll & I won 1800, when someone rolled 51 times. We luv Tony Roma, they closed them in Texas 🙉.

  10. Well done…. looked like fun and not packed. The dinner looked so good as did the lunch. Price for food was reasonable with good portions. Thanks for doing a great review.

  11. Hey Ruby. I enjoy your videos. As for advice with the video poker machines they actually have cards similar to those you can use for playing blackjack that tell you what your best play is given various hands.

  12. Sorry ur wrong!? Lol! The D weekdays is around 29 plus resort fees and tax comes to between 60 and 70 a night!!!!?? Not 90! I stayed downtown all the time first thing I do is walk out onto Fremont Street and look at the show don't know why you didn't show anybody that?

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