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42 thoughts on “How to Play Texas Hold'em | Beginners Guide | PokerNews”

  1. Regarding the raise rule where it must be at least double the amount of the big blind, is this only during pre-flop first round of betting or does that apply to every round of betting?

  2. Yes rules are pretty basic and easy…. Do not play for money unless you get used to following strategies and get good at online non real cash games.

    There’s technically 2 main ways to play Texas Hold’em and about 3 ways to differ on betting structure.

    3 most common betting structures

    No Limit
    Pot Limit
    Fixed Limit

    3 most common ways

    And there’s regular 52 Card deck Hold’em and Short deck 6 to Aces 36 Card deck everything below a 6 Is taken out.

    In short deck poker flushes beat full house as It’s mathematically harder to get flushes In a 36 card deck.

    Hold’em In Pot Limit and No Limit form as always played In blinds.

    Limit or fixed limit I think Is played In Antee form.

    Short deck Poker Is played In 2 different ways…..

    Antee 1 fee for all players that wish to get given 2 cards a hand…

    Or antee and a button (whoever Is on the button pays 2-4 times more.)

    Antee or Antee and a button.

    4 ways to play most types of poker.

    Blinds and Antee’s for all remaining players
    Antee and a button

    Be aware some types like Razz, 7 Card Stud short deck poker there Is normally only Antee’s or Antee’s and a button.

    Common Mistakes

    Aces are normally always high!!!! Unless It’s agreed beforehand.

    A-5 Is the lowest straight In 52 Card Standard Hold’em.

    In short deck lowest possible straight Is A-6-7-8-9

    There’s normally a betting and raising limit In Fixed Limit and No Limit Games.

    1 bet + 3 or 4 raises per round.

    The Big Blind Is usually the lowest betting increment or sequence you can bet.

    $1/$2 game $2 after first blind round Is the minimum betting you Can add.

    $5/$10 $10 dollars is the minimum bet after first round.

    Rules regulations how many raises minimum bet sizes should all be determined beforehand.

    36 Card Short Deck Is usually played with 2-10 players.

    52 Standard Deck Is 2-11 players.

    Hope I’ve helped

  3. 3:30 "the muck" why would a player give up without any community cards being placed yet??
    If the strength of your hand depends on the community cards but they haven't been dealt yet so why would someone muck before that?

  4. I’m about to go to Vegas and play Texas Hold’em this weekend. I is usually play only online but this will be my first time in person.

  5. 5 hand draw is better. I don't know why Texas holdem is more popular it's more complex and the idea of community cards is dumb why would you want to share the same cards with people? Makes no sense

  6. Hey, I know what! Let's make a video where someone is talking and then play music at the same time! Oh, let's make it really interesting and make it music with words. That'll really get them!

  7. Thank you, this video help a lot and I had a lot of fun playing it with my family I lost by going all out with a 8 hearts and 8 of spares and lost to my dad this video help me get far in the game

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