M NOT your average slot player/table player i have abnormal luck in the casinos and in life i bet very HIGH LIMIT ON A LOW BUDGET i mostly only put $300 in a slot machine and get a jackpot! and kill it on the tables!

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  1. I watch Brian and Jason for the laughs and the silliness but I watch you and Barbie because I think you are genuinely the two nicest slot players on YT. I wish you guys the very best of luck, and please make sure to save a big chunk of that cash for your future.

  2. I like the part of this video when you said about "giving".. and the " law of attraction.. I agree 💯%… your humbleness and positivity is what I like most! Keep it up! Good luck! 👍🏻 😊

  3. Love your story & the name change thought. Instead of low budget high rollers what if you use budget-savvy high rollers. Low budget could also be taken as ghetto high rollers. Much ❤️ to you & Barbie from Queen of the Slots 🎉

  4. Coming out to Vegas next week…going to keep the positive vibes going. I'm a low budget as well, about $1000 budget…but with the positive attitude and belief factor, I'm going win at a minimum $5000 next week. Also, since I'm going to be out in Vegas, maybe hoping to see you and Barbie at the casino! Thanks for sharing and stay positive!

  5. I believe everything you just said I also went from homeless to being a highroller in all casinos on the Pacific coast line. You can achieve anything if you believe! thanks for your story!

  6. I just watched your video thank you for sharing from where you started to where you're at couldn't happen to better people I also do believe I always have I do believe one day I will get my house and I will hit Lotto never stop believing I'm a very happy person and I love my life I just wanna have a house for my grandson to have his own yard to play I think you would be a good motivator to a lot of people

  7. Now this is a video I can relate to. Been following you guys for a long time. Just getting my slot channel started a few weeks ago. Best of luck and keep that positive mentality.

  8. For every one of you, there’s a million of me. Gambling broke me. It ruined my life. I lost my money, my job, my dignity, and even though I have stopped I still can not get back on my feet. To ‘manifest’ gambling success into reality is a pipe dream. I bet you every single motivational speaker you mentioned would never encourage someone to pursue the lifestyle of a gambler. This video gives a lot of false hope to desperate people.

  9. So glad your changing your name your right thoughtyou were some porno people so I watched the other slot people Now I will watch youand good luck stay postive your a cute couple

  10. i really enjoy you speaking of your humble beginnings to taking a chance on slots, especially believing you will win with only $300 to start and using edd money. i believe you are truly blessed! slots don't
    just keep on giving. One day i will use your no fail tatics. When i get my next chance…..

  11. Just finished the video bro. What a great backstory and it was awesome the way you told it and inserted media clips. Well done.🤘🤘. I would have to say the filthiest thing about this video. Was Barbies confidence in you, and standing side by side with you, as you manifested all this to happen.💜💜💜. Y’all are awesome .. Hope our paths cross again in Vegas .. 😎😎. Stay positive y’all 🤘🤘

  12. I’ve watched every second of this video, and it honestly gave me chills…Ive always believed in every word you said about giving to people when you can because god will give it back 10 times more especially when you are in your worse position and need it the most…i was just in a position a few days ago at Publix and I’ve seen a young person like myself credit card decline 4 times and i offered to pay for his groceries and Even though I’m struggling myself i Refuse to see anyone not be able to get food and essentials for themselves

  13. What a great story thank you for sharing with us! You were super nice when I got to meet you at Sunset Station, Stephen! I didn’t get to meet Barbie tho. I love the positive thinking you’re giving off. Sometimes you just gotta THINK it to WILL it into existence. Congrats on the new name change looking forward to watching your channel grow!

  14. I love your decision to change the channel name to align with your philosophy. Such a wonderful story. You and Barbie should write a book! Congratulations on you success. Love your channel very much. ❤

  15. Thx for sharing this experience with us Brother. I’ve enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of your journey. Keep up the great positivity Brother. Continued success to you, Barbie and the kids. Loved the Adam’s Family clip.

  16. I have been watching since the beginning and I will always root for you!you make me laugh and you are always positive! I love all slot channels but you are one I will continue to support. Thank you for the great entertainment . I look forward to what comes next !!

  17. Thank you for the video. Very interesting. What I like is your attitude and you always say, gamble responsibly. What you do is not for everyone. You are always realistic. Thanks and good luck.

  18. I didn't like your channel at first before you made this video I admit I stereotyped you and barbie from the beginning thinking you guys were just some rich couple gambling and showing off playing high bets but after hearing your story I have to say I am now a full supporter of your channel, I misjudged you. You seem down to earth and very cool bro. Keep climbing you are a inspiration to me!

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