Do Casinos CONTROL Player Cards – Here's Why | SE-1 | EP-28

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28 thoughts on “Do Casinos CONTROL Player Cards – Here's Why | SE-1 | EP-28”

  1. Sorry NG . Yes i think using players card matters. I think they track your playing habbits that’s why Dlucky stop playing and just charged others so he could help them and and at the same time making money himself.

  2. I have now unsubscribed and will no longer watch any of your videos. Perpetuating the myth that casinos control each machine based on whose player card is in it is not only ridiculous and a blatant lie, it's incredibly irresponsible of you to promote that on your channel.

  3. NG, I thank you for posting losing sessions because that is the reality of playing slots. Casinos control the faucets, sometimes they only pay on minimum bets. A lot of times when you use your player's card, they know you a gambler and they don't have to return any money because you will continue going there. When they are not very busy it is just like highway robbery they will take as much as they can because they have to pay for all those lights and people working there. Once in a while somebody gets lucky but most of the time the only winner is the casino. That is why this is only for very rich and people who have YouTube Channels. Shame on them.

  4. People always try to blame losses on something out of their control, but it’s all false. You just had bad luck. It’s as simple as that. Casinos and players can not manipulate slots into paying or not paying at any given time. It sucks that you had such a bad session, but chalk it up to bad luck and not pushing myths, it’s dangerous.

  5. I like using my card cause of free plays and free hotel complimentary and free food. Also, Winstar in Oklahoma gives out the best comps and gives out the most best gifts.

  6. Wrong, the players card is a separate system from the logic portion of the slot machine which houses the RNG chips. Players cards is just to track $$ for accounting and rewards . Casinos cannot change payback % on a slot machine remotely . You need to remember that payback Percentages are calculated over 10 million spins and can vary quite a bit during that time span . Just because a slot machine is set at 92% for an example does not mean the RTP is the same . Human physiology is such you are looking for patterns or reasons why you win or not then apply a narrative to fit . All slot machine play is a completely random event and is based only on the exact time you tap that button to stop that RNG . The result action is what resulted from that . The slot machine is a computer and does not care the time of day, how much money you put in it , or if you have a players card or not .

  7. Yep. The player tracker is there. It's normal to have 10 losing session then win it all back on the 11th visit. The tell is it's exactly what you lost on recovery win.
    Always play with the card and give loyalty to who ever give the best comps.

  8. when i play this on cashman casino and lightning link casino online, someday it give good pay, someday no matter how much you bet, no bonus, no orbs, not even good line hit, coins gone, just like in real casino. Than it make me feel like not wanted to go to casino at all..lost hope

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