Crashing a Pay-to-win Server With Crafting Tables – Loverfella


Hey ya’ll! Today im using a crafting table to lag out a really pay-to-win minecraft server, owned by Loverfella, a pretty cringe youtuber. Its been 2 years since ive done a quick one off server crashing video like this, and it sure as heck is nostalgic. Its time to take a step back from all of the chaotic big youtuber generic clickbait spam and get back to my roots: stopping P2W. Ever since Mojangs enforcement of Pay-to-win, I didn’t see much of a point of uploading antip2w but their enforcement sucks and pay to win still thrives and still sucks. This is some really old footage, but fear not as all the info on their webstore is completely up to date. They are still P2W, and they still suck.
Apologies if this video was scuffed asf. I did this in a day, which is a big contrast to the weeks I spend on videos.

[IMPORTANT] Here is a document defining what the general community thinks is P2W, and also explains how you can make YOUR server not P2W, in 30 community translated languages!:

TWITCH (I’m live sometimes):
Anarchy server IP:

Animations are done in Blockbuster Mod, very powerful tool.

uhh yeah… no time for that lol. I have to get this video out b4 1k event. I say ill update the music but i never do… its either from gareth coker or bonnie grace though. Good luck.

What, are you looking for my keyword spam? I dont do that here. This video isn’t meant to overperform anyways I’m not gonna bother overoptimizing this or whatever.

30 thoughts on “Crashing a Pay-to-win Server With Crafting Tables – Loverfella”

  1. Honestly I used to watch loverfella and I wasn’t a hardcore fan at the time but I was subscribed and now I realise how big of a mistake that was

  2. I play on the server and have the highest rank, it’s got some bad ppl but it’s mostly full of fun and cool people. But I do have to say it’s the best server I’ve played on. The custom skins etc. I’ve seen the “proof” and it’s all faked. He’s a great guy and I’ve talked with him before Ik twitter. Great guy who loves his community(don’t take this the wrong way please.) I’ve been an avid player for 3 years now and it’s been amazing.

  3. I remember watching LF before he became a cringe youtuber and the server was actually decent in the beginning but then i stopped watching and playing on that server.ig he chased the bag and became like this.

  4. 1:10 I have seen this before on a server called Odyssey (used to be treemc but re branded). Their skyblock has crates almost exactly like these and you don't know what you are in for which seems suspicious. And some other things in the game are way to expensive to even think about.

  5. dude is a menace to society hahaha, he's like a real life gangstalker, an RF/EMF satellite neurological weapons terrorist – but it's Minecraft. Annoying people for kicks, only it's actually just a game instead of destroying entire families lives when they can't do anything because of social engineering in place since the 80's. F Kirtland AFB, LMPD, and Greg Breets the CFO of Avertium, one of many firms specializing in "Human Hacking and Social Engineering threats".

  6. Funny to me how outraged everyone was at 6083 swearing. But then they don't mind gambling mechanics? If only these idiots could monetize swearing.

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