19 thoughts on “Can casino’s set WHEN a slot machine pays out 🤔 #slotmachine #facts #howitsmade #casino”

  1. I find it fascinating B you gotta keep repeating yourself about misinformation..I guess if they listen to “it” long enough it becomes their reality..Y’all are awesome TRYING to bring the truth. Lets go!!! ❤

  2. I was just at a casino in Atlantic City this past weekend. I was told by many that the machines are regulated by the gaming commission, but I notice that when there's a multiplier event the machines tighten up, therefore, not so sure about that. One employee also said that when new machines are installed, during the first month, they are set for a promotional payout. During this period the machines are a bit loose to get people on them, then eventually they go to the regular mode where they don't pay as much.

  3. It's a shame America's machines are programmed differently to ours in Australia! We have a lot of rules and regulations but so many pubs, clubs and casinos are extremely dodgy here, they mess with the win/loss programming of machines and even go as far as marking bill's in their ticket machines! I know of a place where if you put a ticket in a ticket machine to exchange it for cash and then use that cash to play pokies you're guaranteed to lose, and pokie machines that if you use your members card in the machines you also lose every time! The only way you can win is with outside money, not from the venue! Honest to God truth my wife and I have been going there for years and it's like everyone is just blind to it and we withdraw money from the bank before we go and win regularly, whereas everyone else loses!

  4. Where I live if the machine malfunctions it voids pay . I’ve had a few machine with glitch’s that didn’t make it malfunction and so I was able to make money up in the machine and get paid out on one and money controls being set wrong after new plastic money was released.

  5. I'm in California between San Francisco and Sacramento…my preferred casino is Cache Creek..
    I noticed on Mondays I don't see handpays or very little jackpots…so I stopped going on Monday and Friday..
    I feel the machine are rigged…what do you think?

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