Big Bets, Big Jackpots & BIG WINNING Week! 😱 Let's GO!

All the best of the week in today’s wrap up video!

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0:00 Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More
5:03 Blazing 2x 3x 5x
14:08 Double 3x 4x 5x Times Pay
17:41 Cash Fortunes Deluxe
30:52 88 Fortunes Money Coins

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23 thoughts on “Big Bets, Big Jackpots & BIG WINNING Week! 😱 Let's GO!”

  1. Lol. Can you make a short..showing which bottom buttons you're pressing? I've gotten so use to watching these videos. When I went to the casino, I was like 🥴🥲 n some how I ended up betting way more than I thought🤣🤣 my guess is the min bet was what I was staring at, but I was choosing max bet 😭 idk

  2. I haven’t seen you play Lightning Dollar Cash in a long time after you got the triple major jackpot, I would be on that game at least once a week after that win…just saying, but I do enjoy your videos

  3. I'm glad you did a recap video because with that much video being pumped out in one week can be a bit overwhelming for your viewers. The recap certainly helps out a lot. Good luck to everyone!

  4. I’m so glad you do the compilation of wins at the end of the week. I work 2 full time jobs. Watching one video a day for all of my fav creators is already hard enough let alone multiple from the same one. This lets me catchup on the best of for the week. Thanks for doing this!

  5. 😀Brian, I enjoy watching all your video's through the week but in case I have to miss one or can't watch all of one I do enjoy the recaps too! So what you do works great! 💙

  6. I'm going to the boat St Patties Day I gave up gambling and alcohol for Lent. I have a stack of scratchers I've collected so far I'm scratching St Pattie's as well. I found your videos because they been scratching my slot machine itch.

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