👉 INSANE Blackjack WIN!  Gambling in a Las Vegas Casino!!

EPIC Win & Color Up! My BEST Blackjack session on YouTube!!! Real Blackjack casino play with real money…this is not a fake Blackjack channel!! JV had his best run ever at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas. An epic Blackjack win with huge color up in just 2 hours. Double deck Blackjack with basic strategy play. $50 – $300 bets. Thanks for watching!!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers are not sponsored by any casino. We play with our own money in a real casino. All video is filmed with permission from Boulder Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

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~ Tanya & JV

39 thoughts on “👉 INSANE Blackjack WIN!  Gambling in a Las Vegas Casino!!”

  1. I noticed that on the second round he didnt really follow basic strategy. Couple of hands he had 13,14 ect…and should of hit because the dealer was showing a card of less than 6. He stayed on those hands and didnt hit….however he won those hands! First session, he hit those particular hands and loss so i guess the strategy can go either way.🤷‍♂️

  2. I’ve always believed that counting cards is a skill/strategy and not cheating. I’m not saying that’s what you do but it’s always been a dark cloud over 21/blackjack in casinos. I’m wondering if anyone else believes it’s cheating or a skill? If you were running a casino would you ban someone or let them present their skill? I’m curious. I’m very unbiased and would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this

  3. I'm trying to learn how to count cards in BlackJack, and while I know basic strategy and can also keep a running count, watching the speed of this dealer throws me off. Really shows how much more I need to practice with live games before I'm ready for a casino.

  4. Wow! Did he tip the dealer 200 USD? A very generous man, unlike the guy from all casino action (Victor). This channel is fun to watch not stressful, unlike the other guy who's always ranting. Haha

    And Tanya is also entertaining while chatting with the pit boss. More winnings to come!

  5. Man wins $400 on a Hand & Dealer Says "We Act as if it's $10k" for Most people Hit $400 Over 10 Times within a Session that's $4k. Most people Don't or Barely bring Home $4k a Month!!

  6. Dealers shuffles are all rigged btw that's where they win and that's why counting cards should be a legal thing but casino are bluntly rigging games while advertising they aren't. But we all knew that already.

  7. It’s incredible that the dealer pulled two 21’s without a face card. One in the first half when you went bust. And once at the end of the video.
    Good session for the second half.

  8. 15:52 what kind dealer kick chip of player when they are pay for player 😑 if i be surveilance camera i saw it she will get the problem and warning because she do that we are not know does she pay back for player correct or she give more money for player

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